Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Busy Days

I have had a lovely day today. I opened the shop and to my surprise it was busy. I like it when it's busy because it means I have people to talk about fabric and thread, and if I am very lucky they bring their work in to show me. Carol came in with a quilt front that she has made- it was circles within circles and it was absoloutely fabulous.

Carol brought her husband, Pam was there with her partner Rob, mum spent the day with me (more about her in a minute). Neil and dad came in and a lady who is new to patchwork and quilting. Then as if that wasn't a full house Jeff our website designer arrived with his camera! Luckily he is a good sport and wasn't fazed by any of the goings on. So hopefully there will soon be some new photos on the website.

Anyway back to mum, she is making a quilt by hand, sewing together lots of hexagons. She wanted to lay it out on the tables to see how looked and if she had made enough and could start putting it together. Poor mum we worked out that she needs to make at least another 8 groups. It looks lovely though.

It has taken mum about 2 years to get this far, it has certainly been worth the effort though.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

As promised I am going to introduce you to my husband

This wonderful creation was made by Gina Ferrari, a very talented lady and you can find her here http://www.ginaferrari.blogspot.com/. Gina's blog is well worth a visit.

There is a lot of detail on the doll including the company logo, wedding ring and my favourite the watch.

His nickname is so fitting as well as being humorous.

This post has taken what seems like a lifetime to do, and yet again I wouldn't have been able to do it without Sam. I can now understand why sometimes when I have read other blogs the authors have complained about Blogger.

I am going to leave alone now and keep my fingers crossed that this publishes how I want it to and not how Blogger wants.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

New Blog First Post

I am new to all this and if it hadn't been for Sam my stepson I wouldn't have got this far. Thank you Sam. I am not good with computers (anything electrical really, especially in the kitchen) I have managed to lose this blog already and Neil (husband) had to come and find it. He loves me really!

Anyway, to anyone reading this I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and I hope you had a good one. We managed to spend time time with members of both families over the two days. Christmas Day was spent with the little noisy ones, Boxing Day lunch with older members and the little ones appeared in time for tea. I hope Santa was kind to you.

My lovely husband gave me a camera which I
used to take this photo. My friend Pam made this picture it is hanging in my shop at the
moment, every time I look at it I smile.
Tomorrow I will introduce you to my husband, if I haven't lost the blog again.