Saturday, 28 April 2012


These little slippers are so cute and soft and fluffy.

They go on the end of these little legs that will not keep still.

Although I have been poorly I've  managed to make these stamps which is continuation of my Spectrum work and the designs were taken from the work I have done in my sketchbook. They are also part of the homework that we were set. The silly little things took me three days to make because I'm finding it difficult to concentrate. I've got a positive and a negative image and I'm so looking forward to using them. 

I have spent some time making these fabric beads, it doesn't take much concentration just a bit of fiddling and it's definitely a case of practice makes perfect. Just a bit fun.

I hope you all have a good weekend and the rain doesn't spoil play.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's been a long time since my last post, the cause of this is illness.  If you remember when I last posted Neil had a chest infection which he not so kindly gave to me. I had to have two courses of antibiotics and steroids to shift it but have felt very poorly ever since, it never really went away. It was so bad that I went back to the doctors on Monday and he gave me some miserable news as well as a lecture. He thinks that because I was so poorly and didn't look after myself properly ( this was where the lecture came in all to do with the asthma and a naff immune system and something about I should know better but I didn't understand that bit) I also went down with a virus at the same time and that's what I'm left with. I have a fever, headache, aching limbs and joints everything that a virus is and a very croaky throat. As a result I'm having a real hard time coping with anything that's not routine and mundane, I'm finding it very hard to focus and stay on task and stay awake. I fell asleep this evening cooking dinner, but then I never have been very good in the kitchen.

Because of this I'm behind with everything, and the house is untidier than ever - the spiders think it's a holiday camp. It's not just my blog I'm behind with either I need to catch up on the ones I read regularly. As for homework I think I'l just put myself on the naughty step with no need to be told. I have managed to make my stamps but it took me three days to make two 4" square stamps! As you can probably guess I haven't been up to much creative wise so I will leave you with some pictures that I took at Salts Mill of David Hockney's work. They aren't the best pictures but I took them using my phone. If I had known how good the exhibition was going to be I would have taken my camera but after the disappointment of the R A Exhibition I wasn't expecting much, I was pleasntly surprised. The two really bright pictures are I Pad drawings.


My battery's nearly flat

I won't leave it so long before my next post.