Friday, 24 April 2009

Ever Felt Like Chocolates

Ever Felt Like Chocolates was the title of a class that we had in the shop on Wednesday. The teacher was a lovely lady called Linda Beer, you can read more about her on her sister's blog
Vintage rockchick. You can also read more about the day by clicking on this link Fan My Flame .

As you can see they all made scrummy looking chocolates. There was just one very unusual thing about the day, they were all so very, very quiet. It was the quietest class we have ever had. They said it was because they were working hard to get a full box before the end of the day.

Take a look at these pictures. They are worked by hand in China. A very kind gentleman bought them in for me yesterday. Aren't they lovely, now I just need to get them framed.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Things finished

Let me introduce you to George (on the left) and Mildred. These are Pam's Log Cabin Chickens, aren't they cute. We will soon have enough for a chicken farm. Some days we actually do some work.

Some time last year I did a workshop at Art Van Go with Gina Ferrari but in true crafter style I didn't finish it until last week. For a long time I felt something was missing but wasn't sure what and then one day last week inspiration struck. Whilst I was in Jersey I went for a stroll along one of the beaches and collected some shells. The shells are in a jar on my desk in the shop and my eyes just happened to fall on the jar and there it was the perfect shell for the job. It's only a little thing but it makes all the difference to my picture and I am really pleased with it.

Now for another one of Pam's quilts. Pam is being super efficient, the quilt is a christmas present for a niece (lucky little lady) it really is fabulous.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Meet Mary

Just a quick post because I am meant to be on my way out the door to Kings Lynn for a Speedway meeting. But I wanted to introduce you to Mary. She is Fred's daughter.

Now all I need is a mummy chicken, so watch this space!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Little Blocks

We had a Patchwork class in the shop today, they were making Little Blocks and their teacher was Carole Porter.
There was only three ladies in today's class so they had plenty of room to spread themselves out. They all got on very well with each other and because it was a small class it gave me the chance to sit in with them now and again between customers and ordering and work things . So I enjoyed it very much and I learnt a little about the art of patchwork.
They very kindly let me take pictures of their work in progress. So in no particular order I will share them with you.

The first one is Gill's. It's very cheerful and every thing that spring is about.

This one is the handi work of Fiona, very dramatic and different from the other two.

Finally Barbara's. Barbara has been very sensible and is using her scraps of fabric to make the blocks. All the different colours work very well together.

When they are finished all three quilts are going to look lovely and if I get the chance I will take pictures of them and let you know how good they are.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Say hello to Fred.

Fred was made from the Log Cabin blocks. Don't you just love his legs! They took me a whole evening to make, so even though they obviously wouldn't support him if he tried to stand he's keeping them. Cute isn't he.
There are some people who like to blog about all the goodies they make in the kitchen so I thought I would let you see my efforts.

Brilliant aren't they. It was hard work!
In the garden we have three Quails. Funny little things that give us lots of ammusement and they make the best pets. They don't take much to look after but they do eat a lot. Their favourite snack is fresh sweetcorn.

It's not a good photo they don't stay still for a second.
Yesterday they produced two eggs.

The next picture is of one of the borders out the front. The colours are so pretty just right for this time of year.

In the back garden we have a Magnolia Tree which is looking rather splendid.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.

Friday, 3 April 2009


This is my first proper patchwork block - Log Cabin, and it is going to be a chicken- honestly!

These shoes do not belong to me, they were a surprise find this morning. They are my daughters. She has decided to tidy her bedroom (it's going to take her all year) and when I went in there this morning these shoes were there on the floor. I've never seen them before not even on her feet. I haven't seen her floor since I don't know when.

I was so surprised by this discovery that I thought I would share it with you.

The other thing that surprised me about this find, is that it's so out of character with Steph. Normally she can only ever be seen in jeans and trainers. I didn't know she owned anything like this.
It just goes to show that even at the tender age of 21 children can still surprise you.

There is a new blog out there in Cyber World, and I recommend you go and have a look - the work this lady produces speaks for itself