Saturday, 30 January 2010

Countdown - seven days to go!

I can't believe a week has passed since I last blogged. It has been a very busy week and I've had a horrible cold that seems to be hanging on like a toddler clinging to your leg, it just won't go away.

I have managed to do some work on my hanging but not as much as I wanted and needed to get done. I've bound the edges in the way you would a quilt. This picture doesn't do them justice they look much much nicer in real life. I am still making leaves, I have painted some Lutradur and I'm going to experiment with it and see what kind of leaves it makes. I have a mental issue with Lutradur. I know it's a useful fabric and I have seen beautiful pieces of work created by other people using it but I don't seem to get on with it. So here's hoping.

Today I might start experimenting with the poppies. That's the exciting bit.

Tonight however is wrap night. I really have got to make it, the wedding is a week today so it is now a matter of urgency! This time next week we will be at the hairdresser. Stephanie has got to be there for 8:00am, so I won't get a lie in!

Friday, 22 January 2010

First Meeting

On Wednesday we had the first meeting of the year of my City and Guilds class. It was great to get back to things and catch up with people. We had a lovely day.

However I wasn't as pleased with the work we had to do. I must point out that it wasn't the teachers fault it is just some thing we have to do.
I don't like drawing - that's not really true the trouble is I can't draw and I wish I could.

These are paper curls mmm.

This is meant to be a drawing of a crumpled (how my brain felt) piece of paper. This term we are looking at form and we had to look at the shape and shadows - I think. Now you know why I can't draw. Neil would say it's a lack of understanding and he's right, just don't tell him!

On a more positive note the hanging is coming along nicely. I have finished with the embellisher and cut my rectangles, they are looking very neat.
I have loaded them onto blogger in reverse order by mistake (I don't understand computers either) this will be the first piece.

This is the second or middle piece and is the wrong way round.

This is the top.

And this is the grass - in the making. It's sheer fabric sandwiched between water soluble fabric.
I have stitched triangles of various sizes and on different colours. I also used some lining fabric.

This is what they look like once they have been cut out and rinsed. Seaweed according to Pam, she has a point but it's definitely grass.

So at last I am making progress with this project and I feel much happier about it. Hopefully it will soon be finished.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's A Dogs Life

This is definitely what you call a dogs life and I want one! He got up, came downstairs, climbed onto his stuffed dog that someone (Neil) bought for him just before Xmas and he went to sleep again. He really is one spoilt rotten dog and you know who it is that spoils him don't you.

On Saturday we have got our first workshop of the new year, Gina will be teaching Bonded Books. Students will be able to practice their F M E as well as learn a new technique - a fun day.

The red book was made by Gina, the other one by me. These are lovely little books to make, they are great for keeping special memorabilia in.

Friday, 15 January 2010

It's Good To Be Back

Thank you to every one for the kind birthday wishes. We had a great time in Wales, we didn't do anything. It was lovely sitting in the hot tub watching the snow fall, we really did chill out, neither of us wanted to come back. However it is nice to be back at work I did miss everybody and I have got lots of homework to do.

I am still working on my hanging. Some progress has been made, I have finished the embellishing and cut it into three pieces.

This will be the top.

This is the middle section.
And this will be the bottom.

Now I have to make some grass!
I have still got to make Stephs wrap for her wedding which is fast approaching. Today we are going for a hair rehearsal. Last night we were trying out nail varnish, only half a dozen or so and then, she decides that she actually wants a french manicure. I didn't know I could be so patient.
Check out Pams blog she has got something new to show you.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Birthday Treat

We are back in Wales for the weekend. It is my birthday tomorrow and this is my birthday treat from Neil, a much needed rest. Things are going to be a little bit hectic for the next few weeks Steph gets married four weeks today and she is getting a little bit stressed and panicky, so am I. I still need to make her wrap, I know it won't take long it's just a case of knuckling down and getting on with it.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and were greeted with lots of the white stuff.

We hadn't had much snow at home and the roads were clear and free of traffic all the way here so this was a bit of a surprise. It does look lovely.

This photo was taken looking through one end of the verandah, it could be an Xmas card.

Some interesting texture, frost covered weeds.

These cobwebs are beautiful, especially with the sun shining through.

This is a view looking down on the village.

And this is the next lodge down from us there are five altogether so it is very quiet up here. Even the sheep aren't making a lot of noise.

One hungry pheasant, so hungry in fact that when I went out side he didn't fly away just carried on eating. In the distance I could hear guns going off.

I did bring some sewing with me. More hexagons to make some more pincushions and maybe needle cases.

I hope you are enjoying the snow and keeping warm.