Tuesday, 29 January 2013


On Sunday morning I took myself off for a walk round Ferry Meadows. I had a lovely walk and met a lot of people but most important of all I road-tested my earmuffs. They worked perfectly - I had cosy little ears and listened to my music. 

I managed to get a photo of a basking squirrel, obviously making the best of the sunshine. 

On Sunday afternoon I spent a few minutes turning some of the Xmas cards into gift tags ready for next year. What's the betting that when I need them I can't find them? I might give them to Neil to look after.

Monday I went to Grafham Water for a walk. I walked right out past the dam and only came back because it started to rain and I didn't want to be stuck the other side in the middle of a downpour. I could have walked for miles.

Maybe I will go back at the weekend and walk all the way round but then again it might be cold and I'll decide to stay in. Neil has plans for Sunday so I may have one of those rare days when I'm on my own, as long as the children don't read this.

There has been some making going on but I haven't taken any pictures so I'll post about them later in the week.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Taste Test and a Pressie

Andy made Grasshopper Pie (recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery book) and sent a piece in for me to try. It was very light and not as sweet as it looks. Well done Andy, I look forward to the next tasting. 

Neil presented me with this cute box, me being me I didn't read the wording but I knew it wasn't a pair of boots.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it. Now I can listen to my music and have warm ears at the same time.

I know I'm spoilt especially as Christmas and my birthday were only a few weeks ago but I'm not complaining. I will be as snug as bug in a rug with these and my heated coat when I next go for a walk.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Update

We've had some busy days and some quiet days at work this week due to the weather. The quiet days though gave us a chance to get quite a lot of housekeeping done. We had some fabric deliveries this week so yesterday we had a move around and put out the new fabrics. These are some of my favourites.

I used a dresden plate to make this cushion, it's a sample ready for when I next have to demonstrate that particular template on Create and Craft. It's nice to be ahead for once.

This afternoon I went to Grafham Water for a walk. I know it was trying to snow but I wasn't the only one there, it was surprisingly busy.

These geese were happy to be out in it.

A view (distant) of the dam.

Last night we had this little fella to stay. He was much easier to look after this time but I still had to cuddle him all night. Well someones got to even if it is a tough job.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Little Creativity

These hearts are what I had to write an article about, for a local publication. It was a 'how to make' guide, it was the second I've done and have another four to do. So I need to put my thinking hat on and come up with something for next month.

Yesterday evening I made lemon drizzle cake for the Tuesday Strippers at the shop.

On Sunday we all went to Steph's for dinner and to meet the new puppy, she's the fluffy little white one. Ellie adored her and I have to admit she is very cute but not cute enough to make me want another one.

I have lots of sewing to do and so many things I need to catch up on once I've posted this - I'm off to my sewing room for a couple of hours. I did wonder what my chances are of having a visitor-free weekend but I wouldn't bet on it, I don't fancy my odds. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cards And Flowers

We had a lovely time on Thursday evening. The children came over and we had a takeaway, a vote was taken as to what it would be and KFC won the majority. Not at all healthy but it doesn't hurt once in a while. I had some lovely gifts, including this bouquet of roses from Nicki and Anthony, aren't they lovely.

These are my two favourite cards. The sewing one is from Steph and Nick, the other is obvious as to who it's from.

I think  Ellie may have helped with this bit.

There hasn't been much creativity going on this week so I've got a lot of making-up to do next week. Tomorrow I have some prep work to do for a magazine article I've got to write on Monday. It's got to be in by Tuesday, there's nothing like leaving it to the last minute. I did think I might make a start on it this evening and I also thought I might go for a walk but I was late home this evening so things didn't go as planned. I ended up having a bath and spending the evening in my PJs.

I seem to have cracked my sleep problem. I've been reading a trashy book that I've read once before - so trashy I won't even tell you its title. But it's badly written and you don't have to concentrate to follow the story. I did try to get back into David Hockney's biography but the second half is so hard going. It's as if the first half was written by one person and the second half by somebody totally different. I will try to get back into it another time as I really would like to finish it. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another Year On

I'm another year older today and I don't mind. I've had some lovely cards and fabulous presents including two bottles of Archers. I really am not sure what people think about me but I will be very happy tonight! We will be spending this evening with the family maybe I will be lucky and get some more cuddles from Ellie.

Yesterday was the first meeting of the year for Spectrum. We met at Gina's house this time as the hall is so cold. It was very kind of Gina to let us invade her home but that's where the kindness ended, she made us draw all day. I hate drawing. We had to draw shells using different mediums. We started with spaghetti and ink.

By the time I did the last one there had been a slight improvement but I stress the slight. After this I gave up and just chatted to the others. 

It was great to catch up with the girls and just for once it wasn't me that got sent to the naughty step it was Gill.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I've cracked it and finally had some sleep. The cure was a glass of wine and a glass of brandy and I slept like a baby last night. I feel so much better and hopefully I won't go through anything like that again.

We've had a lovely day today, it didn't start out so good as Neil was in a bit of a grump but he soon snapped out of it. I went for a lovely walk around Ferry Meadows. It was very atmospheric with the mist hanging around. I made an idiot of myself, I was so busy looking at all the mess left behind after the floods that I walked straight into a fella. The really annoying thing was that I think he had seen me because he didn't look as shocked as I felt and was grinning which made me cross. That'll teach me to look where I'm going.

Anthony and Nicki invited us for Sunday lunch which got later and later but it was worth it in the end. He didn't inherit his culinary skills from me. He cooked roast pork with all the trimmings, there was enough to feed the whole street. It was lovely and the pork wasn't at all dry. Well done Anthony, next Sunday we are all going to Steph's. 
Before we arrived at Anthony's I wanted to go to Croyland Abbey to take some pictures for a project I have in mind. I won't be able to start it until later in the year as I really need to get stuck into my Spectrum work or else I will be in trouble again!
The abbey isn't looking it's best at the moment as it's undergoing some restoration/conservation work but that didn't matter as I intend to go back at various times during the year. 

I'm really pleased with these pictures of the windows I wasn't sure if they would come out.


Look at this little bundle, I didn't realise he was there and buried him under my coat and handbag he just carried on sleeping.

Grandad put a hostess trolley together with some help.

Do you need these bits grandad?

Ellie obviously isn't into entertaining.

This is a rare moment with Ellie. She is such a fidget that if she needs a nap she normally just falls asleep on the floor wherever she is, but she actually climbed up onto me so she could cuddle up and had an hour's nap with her blanket.

Nicki is such a good mum, both babies are delightful.

Freddie is still very much a grandad's boy.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


I have been trying to post on here since sometime this morning, so long ago I can't remember when I started and I've now lost a beautiful picture of Eva. 

This is how she felt after an hour with Ellie-understandable. Isn't she gorgeous? She has got such a lovely little smile with beautiful beaming eyes. Not that I'm biased.

One night over Xmas week Neil and I had Ellie and Freddie to stay and I'm still exhausted. Ellie was a doddle - I put her to bed, she cried for 5 minutes and that was that. Freddie on the other hand was a nightmare. He would not go to bed it didn't matter what I tried he just would not sleep. In the end I had to sleep with him cradled in my arm and holding his hand all night. Very uncomfortable but at least he was quiet till 6.30 in the morning. I haven't had a good nights sleep since and it's becoming a problem. So much so that when I couldn't sleep last night and was looking for some paracetamol I found some valium left over from a dentist's appt. and I will be taking that tonight.

I now have enough squares for my blanket and have started joining the squares and the rows.

Unfortunately I have lots of ends to sew in.

As a treat for todays social stitchers I've tried another recipe from this book.

Hazelnut Praline Muffins.

I didn't think they were going to come out okay, the batter was very smooth and runny, but they rose and look lovely. They didn't smell too bad whilst they were cooking either. I'm very tempted to have one but I had a check up at the hospital just before Xmas and I was told to stay away from baked goods such as cakes,biscuits, bread and cereals also fried foods. The last one isn't difficult but when I look at those muffins I'm sooooo tempted. Right now life doesn't seem very fair. Oh for some sleep.