Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bank Holiday

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday.

Neil and I went to London to see a show.

We had a lovely day which started with a trip to my favourite place the V and A. I spent a few hours in the Textiles Room had a quick wander through Paintings and Jewellery then started to make my way to the exit when I came across the bookshop. Well, you can't just walk past a bookshop and not have a little peek inside can you!

When I came out I had a bag in my hand, not sure how that happened. When I looked in the bag there were two books, exactly what I would of chosen :-)

After the V and A we went for a pretheatre supper at the Indigo Restaurant, One Aldwych. The food was lovely. Then it was off to the theatre to see Oliver with Rowan Atkinson playing the part of Fagin. It was fantastic.


Gina said...

Sounds like a great day out... it's funny how you ended up with just the books you would have picked! We saw Oliver when Robert Lindsay was playing Fagin. It's a fabulous show with such wonderful songs.

Sarah said...

You are a lucky girl! I met Jodie when she was still competing for the part as Nancy - and she was fabulous!!! I am still promising myself a trip!
And the book on crystaline structures looks interesting - science and art coming together is just my kinda thing.

Redford said...

There's nothing better than dinner and a show, especially when you can stumble across pre-theatre deals unexpectedly right round the corner from the theatre.