Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thoughts Of Christmas

The hexagons are progressing slowly but surely. They are very pretty and I have enjoyed the little bit of handsewing. I did have some help, I must confess, and say thank you to Barbara who tacked the fabric to the paper hexagons which saved me a lot of time.

At the same time I have started work on some table mats for christmas (that dreaded word).
The pattern is square dance and I am really enjoying putting it together.

The black one is my favourite although it looks brown in the picture.

Just another three to go. I wanted to make each one different but now I'm worried that once it gets to christmas day lunch there are going to be arguments, every one has been picking their favourites.
We have had a poignant weekend. Steph's fiance has gone to Afghanistan. There has been lots of tears and even though it's only been a few days since he went we miss him lots. He is due back just before Christmas. Nick is in the RAF (a communications officer) and is confident that all will be well. We think of him every day so far away from home as well as all the other servicemen and their families.


Gina said...

Big hugs to Steph. Not sure I can forgive you talking about Christmas though!

Moogsmum said...

You are so organised starting your Christmas makes now! The table mats are beautiful - lovely patchwork :)

Hoping all goes well for
Steph's fiance.


Julie said...

I am in awe of your hexagins, I would never have the patience!

I hope all goes well for Nick. I have a nephew in the RAF and my brother has been involved in the Falklands, the Gulf War and Iraq so I know of your fears.

Barbara said...

Have not enjoyed doing my square dance MAT as much as you have but will try it again NEXT YEAR! Enjoyed tacking your hexagons more!

pam said...

How rude i did not post a comment - you are a star pupil the mats are lovely xx