Monday, 16 November 2009

Hexagons And Prairie Points

Remember the hexagons and prairie points? Last time you saw them they were in bits and now they have all been put together to make this.

An oversized pincushion. It stands 10cm in height and 19.5cm across. It's larger than I imagined it would be but that might have some thing to do with the fact that I didn't read all the instructions. (Well who does?) I should have cut the middle band down to 3½" in width before joining together but never mind it still works the same. I've stuffed it with sawdust after some advice from a friend (thank you Barbara). As I was putting it together I didn't like it and wished I'd never started but now it's finished and I've had time to look at it I am pleased with it. I think it's going to be very useful and I've never had a pincushion before - can you believe that!

I added some embellishments of my own and I think more will follow. The hexagon and square button are handmade and I've had them for ages, I always knew I'd find a use for them.

This oval pendant used to be a necklace until this afternoon, I had it as a child (see you should never throw anything away) and it has got my name on it as well as some flowers (bad photo) so that just had to go on there.

There are enough squares in the box to make another two pincushions so you may see some more.


Gina said...

I think it's rather lovely!

pam said...

Its great you can keep loads n loads of pins in that - who needs instructions anyway!!

Julie said...

Wonderful pincushion and room for plenty of pins :) I never read things properly either ;o)

barbara said...

It looks great, and will be useful if you run out of seating at parties!