Wednesday, 15 December 2010

An Unintended Break

You may have noticed I've had a blogging break, It was unintentional but nice. I had been having so many problems with blogger that I just gave up. But the break had to be broken. When I got home yesterday as usual the postman had left a delivery, but not the usual kind.

Amongst the expected bills, flyers and xmas cards there was a xmas card from Gina. But it was more than just a xmas card there was a little package and inside the little package was this.

Doesn't it look beautiful, infact so beautiful I didn't open it until this morning. Look what was inside. These are postcards of Gina's lace work, which I'm eager to see in real life.

After opening the parcel which I did very very carefully I managed to get it wrapped up again so it is going into an envelope to be kept nice and clean for posterity.

How are your xmas preparations going, am I the only one who is miles behind?


Sarah said...

you are a lucky girl!!! Nice to see you back - and no you are not the only one behind. I still have 2 commissions and about 3 other gifts to complete, plus wrapping, plus shopping etc! Oh good lord where does the time go!!!!

Jan said...

How lovely no wonder you are so pleased to receive such a lovely gift ,Iam still way behind ,but as we say every year ,we get there in the end dont we ? somehow,love Jan xx

Julie said...

Good to see you in blogland again Angela. What a lovely gift from Gina :-) Christmas? What's that?!

Gina said...

Good to see you back Angela... I almost had a drive up to deliver the cards to check you were okay! As for Christmas... it comes, it goes and it will happen whether you are ready or not. I don't stress about it anymore!

pam said...

I missed you posting this blog - sorry for the delay in commenting. I adore Gina's gift and card.