Thursday, 26 January 2012

Up And Coming

We are having an exhibition and you are invited. There will be some great work on show. We have worked really hard to achieve this with the help of Gina . If you are able to visit please do leave a comment  in the visitors book, your comments will be much appreciated.

Look what my lovely husband bought me. The book is great I love his use of colour (Hockney's, not mine says Neil!) , so vibrant and energetic. We have got tickets to go and see his exhibition on the 5th March.

I've had the embellisher out again and made some cards to sell at our exhibition. I should do more with my embellisher but I never seem to have any ideas what to make which is a shame. Once I get started I enjoy it. 

I did start to quilt my star quilt but wasn't at all happy with it so I unpicked it and now I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, that could be some time!


Gina said...

I can't believe the exhibition is so close! The cards look lovely.
Any chance you could bring the book along next week so I can have a sneaky peak?

Julie said...

I have to admit to being fascinated by David Hockney and his work. He uses an ipad these days and it's amazing what you can do with that. The book looks stunning from the cover so I hope you enjoy it and the exhibition.

I hope your exhibition goes well. I will try and get there, must put it on my calendar.

It was lovely to see you and Pam today. Many thanks to Neil for the lift to the station.

pam said...

I love the cards they look really good.

granniesstash said...

Hi Angela, the exhibition was very good, this is my first time leaving a comment. Your doting mum xx