Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finished and Started

Ellie's cardigan is finished. It's very girly - not at all like her, Neil said I should have made her a combat jacket.

I've started a jumper for Freddie, this is the back and it is now finished and I've started the front.

I had an afternoon in my sewing room yesterday and made these hanging hearts. I gave one to a friend today as part of a birthday present.

I'm getting on okay with stitching this fabric. I've been trying out different ways of embroidering the cow parsley; there's one I really like and some I don't but that's what it's all about and why it's necessary to make samples before doing the real thing.

We have had a lot of requests at work for a class on how to make granny squares so I'm going to be teaching this. I wanted to make another blanket and this will give me the perfect excuse to start one.

While I was washing up yesterday I looked out of the window and saw this little fella. They visit us every year but this was their first appearance in our road, I have seen them out and about elsewhere. I've also seen and heard the spotted woodpecker a lot this year, including this morning.


pam said...

Oh Ellie's cardigan is lovely look forward to seeing Freddie's. I used to love seeing the woodpecker in the garden - they are lovely birds.

Julie said...

Lots of loveliness on your blog today, the cardie for Ellie is very pretty. I think that woodpecker needs some lessons on what a tree lookslike, he'll never get through that concrete ;-)