Sunday, 8 March 2009

This Week

This is Pam at her sewing machine looking rather pleased with herself.

For a few weeks now she has been making a bag from hexagons. These hexagons haven't been playing ball though and she has on occassions got a little cross with them.

Perseverance has won the day though. Pam has managed to work out a way of sewing them on the machine.

I love the fabrics she is using they are so cheerful.

Last weekend Pam had a much better time. She went on a quilting weekend with some friends, and this is what she came back with.

Isn't it gorgeous!

This week I have made Neil a new waistcoat. We have a Gala Dinner to go to this week and he is presenting some awards. He asked if I would make him a new, bright waistcoat. I think I have but you will have to wait for a picture. It is some where in a suitcase. At the moment we are in the Radisson SAS Hotel at Manchester Airport overnight waiting to fly to Jersey tomorrow.

I have also been knitting this week, I have brought it with me. I am making the hat first and it is nearly finished. The wool is 50% Alpaca so it is very soft.


Julie said...

I shall look forward to seeing the waistcoat (not let my DH see it , he'll want one!) Are you going to see the lovely Fan My Flame in Jersey? Enjoy the dinner :o)

Moogsmum said...

What gorgeous patchwork! Even thinking about sewing hexagons on the machine makes my brain hurt!!

Have a fab time in Jersey - look forward to seeing that waistcoat.