Friday, 27 March 2009

14 days till tomorrow!

It's been a long time since I last blogged, life just seems to have got in the way.
This post is all about the other workshops I did in Jersey, which seems like a life-time ago.

This is a beaded cuff which I made with Gina. It was a lovely workshop and I did as I was told (unlike the sock monsters workshop) which meant I finished the cuff. I would like to make more strips like this then sew them together to make a small bag.

This was a workshop with Cas Holmes. She is a very enthusiastic lady and is generous with her knowledge. She has got a book coming out next year (late summer I think) and it's on my wish list!

Last but not least an afternoon spent with Ruth Issett. A fun afternoon playing around with fabric paint, finishing with Ruth showing us some of her work, very interesting.

I enjoyed my week in Jersey very much. If you get the chance to go I would definitely recommend it.


Gina said...

Lovely work from Jersey... so are you going back next year?

silverpebble said...

Wow - you are SO lucky to have gone to that fabulous-sounding set of workshops. You've made some lovely stuff, I especially love that flower corsage, and, of course, someone cheeky pulling her tongue.