Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Things finished

Let me introduce you to George (on the left) and Mildred. These are Pam's Log Cabin Chickens, aren't they cute. We will soon have enough for a chicken farm. Some days we actually do some work.

Some time last year I did a workshop at Art Van Go with Gina Ferrari but in true crafter style I didn't finish it until last week. For a long time I felt something was missing but wasn't sure what and then one day last week inspiration struck. Whilst I was in Jersey I went for a stroll along one of the beaches and collected some shells. The shells are in a jar on my desk in the shop and my eyes just happened to fall on the jar and there it was the perfect shell for the job. It's only a little thing but it makes all the difference to my picture and I am really pleased with it.

Now for another one of Pam's quilts. Pam is being super efficient, the quilt is a christmas present for a niece (lucky little lady) it really is fabulous.


Gina said...

Very impressed with your finished picture Angela. It looks lovely. Pam's quilt is rather impressive too!

Sarah said...

I love the seascape and there is always space for a shell or two...