Friday, 18 December 2009

Angel Giveaway

Today's the day if you had entered into the giveaway for this little lady.
Here are all the names ready to go into the pot to be drawn by Pati, our lovely receptionist.

This is Pati she is lovely, very efficient and we couldn't manage without her even if she does think I'm mad.

Here she is doing the deed.

And the winner is Gina. Congratulations Gina, your parcel will be in the post today I hope you like it.

I hope you are all enjoying the snow. It took me an hour to get to the shop this morning but my journey was very pretty. I used the back roads this morning and it was magical driving underneath white trees. The sun was just rising, the sky was beautiful and I forgot about all the inconvenience that the white stuff causes- until I go home!
January's issue of Patchwork and Quilting features Art and Stitch in the "let's go shopping" series. Judi Mendelssohn came to see us a couple of weeks ago (what a delightful lady she is) and we spent a couple of hours talking about us, the shop, the training room and our workshop programme. The article is an amusing (and encouraging) summary of what we do and how we do it -and has a picture of Neil in case you were wondering what he looks like!


pam said...

Oh well done Gina the Angels are pretty although I was very rude about them.

Gina said...

How exciting! Thank you Pati.

Barbara said...

Well done Gina, now I shall have to find my old star to top my tree with!

Julie said...

Well done Gina :)

We only have a small amount of snow here today but more is threatened for tomorrow night. Take care.

silverpebble said...

Your dottycookie angels are lovely Angela and Gina is very lucky to receive one! Congratulations on your shop being mentioned in Patchwork and Quilting!

Jan said...

Hi Angela ,Just before Christmas I discovered your shop ,I bought a few goodies and got six stamps on my reward card ,so to quote someone 'I will return',looking at afore mentioned card I found you web site for your blog as a lapsed blogger myself I have enjoyed reading your entrys,so yes again I will be back. A very Happy New year Jan xx