Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Xmas Giveaway

OK, I give in and admit that Xmas is on its way. I did write three xmas cards this morning. Sunday evening Anthony and his girlfriend put the tree up. I think they did a great job it looks lovely.

The angel is as pretty as ever.

Monday morning we took Sparky back to the vets at Newmarket, he had to have some blood tests to check how he is getting on with the medication. Imagine the amusement when the vet picked him up to put him on the table and we spotted hanging from his neck a snowflake. It appears that when they decorated the tree they decorated the dog as well!

If you would like to win this little angel for your tree all you need to do is leave a comment before 9:00am Friday and I will put your name into a draw which will be drawn on Friday morning so that she can go in Fridays post.


pam said...

The tree looks ovely and the Angels still looks like it has a red woolie c....m on its head! whoops thats my name out of the draw!!!

Gina said...

Your tree looks lovely. I'm not sure I could put that angel on my tree after Pam's naughty comment!

Barbara said...

I think your tree is really lovely, have to get mine out of the loft yet.I really love the angel it is so sweet.(have I won the angel with my creepy comment?)

Julie said...

I shall have to go and have another look at that angel! Your tree looks really pretty. Ours is up too. I put it up at the weekend and should really take some pics for the blog too.

Sarah said...

What a cute little angel - see I am still reading blogs!!!