Thursday, 24 June 2010

Found At Last

Last night I managed to get my hands on something I've been looking for for a while now. It's wrapped up in the yellow fabric.

A little teapot. Iv'e been trawling through lots of charity shops looking for a small teapot and you'll never guess where I found this one, in the pub - honestly!

It isn't what I had imagined I was looking for but when I saw it I just had to have it. Since Stephanie left home there is only me for cups of tea, Anthony is never around long enough for the kettle to boil and Neil doesn't drink tea, so I wanted a single person's teapot. I had thought I would get something delicate and floral all over but I saw this and decided it was perfect. It has got a little chip on the lid but I guess that is to be expected and I can live with it.

I also bought some gorgeous vintage buttons.

Aren't they lovely and all from a trip to the pub. Must go again.

There hasn't been much creativeness going on because I have hurt my neck and been having physio and resting.
I have managed to sew a few strips of half square triangles together and finally get this quilt top ready for its border.


pam said...

Oh tea made in a teapot always tastes so much better than stuffing the bag in a mug - I love that little teapot very pretty. The quilt is looking good and once you get the borders on will be super. By the way I am not ready to go in a Home yet so there!!!!!!

Jan said...

Although I don't drink tea I can see the charm in this ,it is a dear little tea pot ,and the buttons were a good find too Jan xx

Sarah said...

I have to pay a visit to this pub... buttons you say?!! I wouldn't be able to resist!!!!
Hope the neck gets better soon!

Gina said...

Lovely little tea pot! But I'm intrigued by the sort of pubs you go to... buttons?
Hope your neck is feeling better.

Barbara said...

What a lovely little teapot....I must keep my eyes open when visiting pubs...the quilt top is looking great and will be lovely when it is finished..

Julie said...

Hmmm! I've heard of pubs with sweet shops in them but never a pub that sells buttons and teapots! Don't tell me where it is or I shall have to go and buy some buttons! :)

I hope your neck gets better soon. x