Sunday, 27 June 2010

Something Finished, Something Started

Pam and I are taking part in the Peterborough Artists' Open Studios for this and the next two weekends.
This is one piece that I am proudly showing. I'm so pleased with it. It took a long time but it was worth it.

I'm now working on my 3D piece for my City and Guilds. I had planned to make a vase but it's evolved into a 3D Structure/Vessel.
I'm enjoying this piece of work because I've got much more freedom with it and I'm using some of my treasures (which makes Neil happy). You know all those things you hang onto just because you like them and there's bound to be a use for them some day.

There is a silver heart in there somewhere, once upon a time it was actually part of a pair of earrings but I lost one, well I knew I'd need it one day.

However there is always some one who can find another use for things.
Barbara thought it would make a great Sunday Wig. Not sure what Sunday has got to do with it but hey she's got a sense of humour and let me take this photo. I'm not sure that she'll be speaking to me when she realises what I've done with it.
Thank you Barbara.


pam said...

The wall hanging is beautiful all the hardwork was well worthwhile.
Oh Barbara such an elegant picture one for the family album I think!!!!

Barbara said...

You are correct I am not speaking to you!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

LOL!!! Barbara looks hilarious!!!! and the poppies look great too. The picture doesnt do them justice - they really must been seen in the 'flesh'!

Gina said...

An embroiderered wig? would that be a functional 3D or an accessory?

Julie said...

Well done Barbara! You look great and very Rasta!

I'm hoping I'll get to see your poppy wallhanging next weekend :)

vintagerockchick said...

Looking forward to seeing how the wig develops!