Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It's Worrying

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto for last nights tea. Made by me without a recipe and it was lovely. Is this the start of the slippery slope?

The bottom of my shoe. I thought it was a very nice pattern and I'm sure I will be able to do some work in my sketchbook (when I find it) using this pattern. 

Iv'e decided to go curvy on the border. I think it will look vey nice once it's stitched and the blue pen has been washed away. Barbara made the templates for me , she is our template queen and will spend hours making the right one. Hopefully today I wiil finish marking it up and you never know I might get some stitching done.


Sarah said...

Crikey... are you feeling ok? Cooking?
The quilting looks great btw. I always find choosing a nightmare!

pam said...

Oh I missed t5his post sorry - the risotto sounds lovely - the quilt is coming on so well the curvy lines are really nice.

Barbara said...

Well done the quilt will look great when it is all quilted and i love the border design, i always think the border really finishes off a quilt and worth taking time to think about the design. xx