Saturday, 26 March 2011

Paper Play

This is why I spent an evening colouring in paper. I have been wanting to make a quilt in purple and lime for some time now but who wants a quilt in those colours? Log Cabin is my favourite block so I'm going to combine the two and make a Liberated or Wonky log cabin hanging.

This has been a very useful exercise to do. It has given me a clear indication of how the colours work together and I've already decided I don't like the pale green inner border the brighter green is much better and the block has come out far too square. So it's back to paper play today.

This is the book that I'm following/using for guidance. It's a lovely book and Janice is a very nice lady who produces beautiful work.

On Wednesday Steph had her hospital appointment. She has been diagnosed with chronic migraine and prescribed some tablets that so far seem to be making things worse. It's odd really, she says her head hurts more and she looks very pale and is being sick. She has to take one tablet every evening for two weeks and then increase to two tablets every evening so she has got to stick with them for a while before any conclusion can be drawn.

We are going to Wales on Monday for a few days so she is coming to stay with Anthony-not sure who will be looking after who but at least they will have each other and I won't worry quite so much.

Enjoy your weekend.


Julie said...

It's looking promising Angela :-) Have a lovely break away. xx

The word verification is 'luvers' :-)

Gina said...

Hope the tablets start to work for Steph soon. Enjoy your break.

pam said...

enjoy Wales - have a good break away