Thursday, 14 April 2011

We're In !!!!!

At last. We had a very busy weekend moving the shop. A lot of very kind people gave up their Sunday to help us and we wouldn't have managed without them. So thank you all we are very grateful.

Here are a few pictures of the new place, there will be more to follow. Ladies were queing outside on opening day which was exciting. We have had a lot of kind wishes, cards and pressies from customers It's been lovely to have so many people popping in.

These are the goody bags we gave out, all the ladies loved the little bags.

This is the first wonky log cabin block and I'm very pleased with it. It wasn't as easy to do as I thought it would be it takes a lot of concentration. Anyway must get on with some more and a challenge set by Gina which I will tell you more about in another post.


pam said...

The new shop is out of this world - we are so lucky - although it was hard work at the weekend! I adore the wonky log cabin block - though it has given you some grief!!

Patchwork Linda said...

Good luck in your new shop ,it looks so lovely can't wait to pay you a visit

Gina said...

The new shop looks amazing. I wish I had managed to get up and see you this week... soon!