Friday, 15 April 2011

Gina's Challenge

On Wednesday I went to the monthly meeting of Spectrum. I nearly didn't go after everything that's been going on as I really wasn't looking forward to the drive, but I'm glad I made the effort.

Gina has decided to set us a monthly challenge.

First mark out a 4" square.

Then paint it red and wait for it to dry, but where do you put it when you don't want anyone else to go near it?

Problem solved, put it on a piece of baking paper (well what else do you use baking paper for) and just dump it on your sewing table along with the rest of your stuff!

Here's a piccie of the cards we have received and a beautiful orchid.


pam said...

The desk looks tidy! All the cards and the orchid are pretty too!!

Gina said...

When on earth did I mention painting anything red??? I'm certain I never mentioned paint!