Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's A Start

I'm trying to be good and I've made a start on my homework for Spectrum. I have transferred some sections from my journey painting to my sketchbook. I'm hoping I will have time today to start making patterns with some of these images and then think about making stitched samples. This is taking me right out of my comfort zone but teacher says it has to be done.

At last I've finished a cushion cover for the tombola. I've made lots of cushion covers over the years and never had a problem but for some unknown reason these two just wouldn't go right and that's why there's only one. The other one is going to be made into a wall hanging. 


Gina said...

It's an excellent start Angela and the only way forward is out of your comfort zone.

Sarah said...

Good luck with the exhibition. Will try to make it down when I finally get a minute to myself!