Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spectrum Or Playschool?

Yesterday I went to a Spectrum meeting, the last one before our exhibition. Some details were finalised and then Gina let us have it.........mmm. She unveiled her plan of action for the rest of the year and it involves drawing ggrrr.
The first step was to paint a journey which could be imaginary onto lining paper using just black paint and different widths of paint brushes. My journey was from home to work but I got a bit lost on the way, never mind. (What's new!NLW)

Then we had to fill in all the spaces with other marks or patterns.

On this picture if you look closely at the bottom you can see where Ann and I played noughts and crosses.

We have got to continue working on this at home. The next step is to isolate areas, transfer them to our sketch books and then play with them. Next we need to  make stitched samples using any technique we like but still only in black and white. At this point I may have screwed my nose up just slightly but Gill saw me and she suddenly turned into the class snitch  and got me into trouble. All I was doing was imagining my sampler with a bit of red. I'd better do my homework if I want to stay out of trouble.

At least my cards are colourful, these are some more that I've made for our sales table at the exhibition. We are going to have a great sales table looking at all the things we have made.


jackie said...

Sounds like a fun project to me. I really like black and white, but I'm sure you can sneak in a bit of colour!
By the way Stitched is now extended to the end of the year.

Julie said...

The cards are lovely (and colourful!) I can remember drawing this kind of map as a child. I used to enjoy drawing/tracing maps in geography lessons and putting the details on. Do you use a frame to isolate areas of the drawing?

Gina said...

Just remember that teacher is watching you! I don't miss much... although I didn't realise Ann was your partner in crime... noughts and crosses indeed.

vintagerockchick said...

I was going to do some homework today, but got sidetracked reorganising pencils. (You wouldn't think it could take all day, would you?)
Sorry I was a snitch xxx

pam said...

The cards are lovely and I look forward to seein g the finished drawing.