Thursday, 22 March 2012

Little Books

Three little packages containing little books.

The first one I opened is a sewing related book.

With a little bit of patchwork.

A very small needlecase, isn't it cute.

The second one is all about poppies, beautiful.

The attention to detail is wonderful.

Even on the back.

The third book is for Steph so at the time of taking these pictures Steph hadn't opened hers but there will be pictures to follow. The books are so lovely and in case you don't know they are made by this talented  lady.

Neil hasn't been very well, he finally went to the doctors yesterday and came away with antibiotics and steroids. I jokingly made a comment to the girls at work that he would be at home hyper-tidying (because of the steroids) and I was a little anxious about what I would find upon my return.

As you can see my concerns weren't unfounded this is our shoe and coat cupboard. 

It never looks like this, we just open the door, take off shoes, shove them in and shut the door. Not any more they are all paired up and in neat little rows. This was only one cupboard. Conclusion- steroids and OCD create mega tidiness.

Today I managed to finish putting this table runner together.

 Wonky Scrappy Stars. Not to Neil's liking but I'm really happy with it. All it needs now is quilting and I'm hoping to make a start on it tomorrow but right now I've got the hem on a pair of trousers to mend and some eyes to sew on.


Julie said...

Gina is such a talented lady. She's making two books for me too, that's assuming she can be enticed back from the other side of the world ;-) I'm sorry to hear Neil is under the weather, I hope he feels better soon. xx

Gina said...

So pleased you liked the books Angela. I could do with some of Neil's OCD in my workroom while I'm away! ope he feels better soon.

pam said...

Oh the little books are lovely - bring them in to show me please. Hope Neil is much better soon and shoeracks can be untidied very quickly you know!

Neil said...

22 pairs of shoes there, four are mine......

Sarah said...

Fabulous books! I hope Neil gets better soon.