Monday, 6 August 2012

More Circles

I have done some more work in my sketchbook. Nothing that was too taxing, I'm worse at keeping a sketchbook than I am at cooking and that's saying something!

A lot of these pictures were taken in Germany, working on circles was obviously in my sub-conscious.

Some magazine pictures and butttons from my treasured hoard. I like the idea of making some jewellery at the moment I have no idea where this is going.

The number 18 was marking a point of interest at The Centre For Alternative Technology at Machynlleth. It's surprising how big a part circles take in our  lives and we don't realise until you start looking for them.

I have started some stitching. Just a small piece that's experimental and might or might not lead to something.

I've made a nice sponge cake for tomorrow's afternoon tea, hope the ladies like it.


Julie said...

I spent half of our cruise photographing manhole covers too.

Yum, cake! I suddenly have a pressing need to come to Peterborough ;-)

Gina said...

Sketchbooks and cooking... whatever next?

vintagerockchick said...

I've been such a useless blogger and blog reader recently, and having just caught up with yours I am amazed and impressed with how productive you've been, well done! Hope the are able to treat your health problems soon xxx