Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spectrum and a Summer Project

During August Spectrum doesn't meet as a group but Gina didn't want us to be lazy during the summer break so she set us all a summer project to be going on with. We were allowed to choose our subject and I chose Circles.

The only rule that I can remember Gina setting was that we had to start with a mind map and this is mine. The first page in my sketchbook .

This is the second, coloured using Kohi-Noor paints and some salt because I thought it might be fun but now I'm not so sure as it's left quite a rough surface but it is pretty. I have been busy taking and collecting pictures so I'm sure I can find something to stick on it.

There haven't been many creative posts lately but I have been busy. For a start I've been making wrist warmers, the pair on the left are for me and the others are for one of the girls to go in their xmas stocking. I've half made the second pair and then have one more pair to make.

The colour on this picture isn't very good they are much more purple than they look.

A cushion cover that's nearly finished.

A Lemon Drizzle cake for tomorrow.

I have also had a visit to the hospital for a Gastroscopy and the cause of all my problems is a Hiatus Hernia. I have a follow up appointment with the consultant in a few weeks to discuss the next step.


pam said...

Yum that cake looks good - you have been very busy recently the wrist warmers look great.

Gina said...

Impressed with your homework so far and will be interested to see where it leads! Hope your get hiatus hernia sorted out. Sounds grim!

Julie said...

At last you have a diagnosis! I have a hiatus hernia too but it doesn't cause me as much of a problem as yours has been. I hope you soon get some treatment and feel much better.

jackie said...

I hope your diagnosis helps and that you can enjoy your lovely cake - if not pass it over now!