Saturday, 2 February 2013

Be Happy

Freddie + mummy = happy

Ellie + chocolate = happy 

                                              One table runner - if I could just get it quilted it would make me happy.

Freddie was quite happy playing under his activity gym and then Ellie joined him. He has every reason to look scared.

Nicki popped by the shop yesterday and Ellie put herself in charge of deliveries.

She's very good at opening things but hasn't quite got the hang of what to do with the contents, what she has  got is a good arm for throwing.


Julie said...

Who couldn't be happy with those two little ones? I see you're training the next generation early. Never too young to start but I would duck when things start flying! Enjoy Sunday x

pam said...

They are lovely pictures - they all look very contented. Ellie was funny in the shop with the boxes - great at emptying them. Come on get that table runner quilted.