Thursday, 14 March 2013

Early Morning

I was up at 6 this morning to go for a walk, I nearly got back into bed but once I was out and about I was so glad I hadn't it was a gorgeous morning and the sun was lovely and warm on my back.
This was Ferry Meadows at about 6.30.

The ground looked like it had been sprinkled with icing sugar. A very pretty frost. So far this week I have walked just over 23 miles, I know this because I have an app on my phone that tells me so and of course it's accurate. Even if it isn't I've enjoyed my walks.

Now yellow isn't normally a colour I choose to work in but I've used it twice in the last couple of weeks. Once to make myself a new needle case as the one I use at the moment isn't big enough so this one has six pages and is rather pretty looking for yellow with a splash of red. 

The second time I used yellow was last week at our Spectrum meeting. Gina asked us to take along some fabric and thread in preparation for some hand stitching. We had to choose one stitch and one colour to work in. Again I choose yellow and Fly stitch. The first bit of embroidery that I did was to make a frame with the stitch, which is quite boring although it probably wouldn't be if there was something in the centre, something to bear in mind for the future. Next I worked the stitch in varying shades of yellow over itself again and again building up the surface. I really like this little piece I just love the texture it has created. This will be finished and turned into something I just don't know what at the moment but it would go nice with black.

Whilst at Spectrum we also spoke about dyeing, something I haven't done since my City and Guilds days. Jenny told us about the recipe that she uses and I thought I'd give it a go. I have dyed four fat quarters four different colours but two reds just for comparison, wine red, scarlet and the other two are olive green and golden yellow. The fabrics are on the radiators drying at the moment but I'll show you the results in due course.

Last week I covered a folder to keep my recipes in. I have two drawers in the kitchen full of bits of paper and it drives me mad when ever I want a recipe and I have to look through the whole lot so after however many years I've finally done something about it. That doesn't mean the drawers are now empty, oh no! Only the recipes that have been tried, tested and approved (which means edible in our house) made it into the folder. So that means there may be some experimenting going on in the kitchen while I try the others out or I could just say bother and bin them.


Gina said...

Now I understand your comment about walking! (I only ever knit at home once it has gone dark which is why I do more in the winter) I have folders full of recipes that I cut out too... but only the good ones make it to my special book!

Julie said...

6.00am?! When's that? Your needle case is beautiful, a lovely sunny colour. Well done on all the walking btw :-)