Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Old and Achey

You would think that as I got older I would acquire some common sense, well  it would appear not. I let Nicki convince me that it would be fun to go to Zumba with her for an hour last night. I wasn't quite as energetic as she was so I didn't feel too bad when I got up this morning for my stroll around Ferry Meadows. But after half an hour's walking my legs were aching and feeling very heavy - as the day went on my arms started aching along with other body parts. But that's not the end of it I haven't learnt my lesson because I agreed to go with her again tomorrow evening. 

I'm very pleased with my dyeing results, in fact, I'm quite excited. The colours are crisp and vibrant even when I over dyed a printed fabric.

I'm keeping notes on my dyeing for future reference.

Right now I've got this quilt on the basting table so that I can get it ready for a show on Create and Craft TV on Sunday. It won't be quilted, but I will be able to show in more detail how a quilt should be layered and basted. 


Julie said...

Basted?! You should baste a quilt? Oops, that's where I keep going wrong lol Quilt pins are my friend.

I don't think I'll be up in time to see you on C&C. I am very impressed with your dyeing records, I tend to wing it, a bit like the way I make quilts ;-)

Julie said...

Actually, I will be up in time but I'll be on my way to the NEC.

pam said...

The quilt looks lovely - can't wait to see it all quilted. The dyeing is very impressive and the colours so vibrant.

Annya said...

You dyeing makes me feel very guilty, I really must make an attempt at it. Oh and your gluten free cake looked fantastic.