Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Last Wednesday was the monthly meeting of Spectrum. We are doing a Round Robin within the group. We       
all had to produce a piece of work in black and white. The work is then going to passed on 3 times. We can use any media/style of our choice.

This is my piece which was passed onto Anne.

This is Janet's that was passed onto me. I think I'm going to concentrate on making the piece bigger rather than adding any more decoration as was my first thought.

The first of this week's baking is Apple and Sultana muffins. I made them with normal flour so I shan't be eating any but they smelt so nice when they were cooking that I wished I'd used gluten free flour. Never mind there's always next time.

I went to Zumba class last night with Nicki and my legs were aching so much afterwards that I thought they would be achey today but surprisingly they aren't. It's a good laugh and everyone has a great time while getting some some exercise. Roll on next week because there isn't any on Wednesday.


Gina said...

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does with their round robin pieces. I really struggle with wanting to finish them!

Julie said...

Round Robins are fun but a bit scary too. The cakes look very tasty!

vintagerockchick said...

Oh dear,I haven't even thought about the RR yet. Still,at least you've reminded me that I need to take a photo before I do anything to it!