Friday, 31 May 2013

Catch Up

Over the Bank Holiday weekend Neil and I visited Wicken Fen. Neither of us could understand why we hadn't been before as it's not really that far away. We had a lovely time - the weather was gorgeous the dragonflies were out and in the middle of this picture you can just make out the Red Arrows. You may need to click on it too make it large enough to see them.

We had a wander around the cottage. It's hard to believe that it was lived in up until 1975, although I can remember as a child visiting people in houses like this. I thought  the quilt was very pretty and the only bit of colour in the room.

I have been working on my Markal stick design for Spectrum. I've done half a dozen designs on paper and decided it was time to commit to fabric. Here it is in progress.

This is it finished, now I just have to be patient (not something I'm good at) and wait for it to dry. Then I can get on with the fun bit, some stitching.

There has been some baking and I was going to show you some Millionaires Shortbread but blogger seems to have eaten the picture. 
All I have left to do on Ellie's cardigan is the two sleeves so hopefully that will be finished soon.

I hope you have a good weekend and get a chance to enjoy the nice weather we have been promised.


Julie said...

I went to Wicken Fen many years ago, probably as many as 20 years ago, with my late husband and it is a lovlely place. We went to look for Swallowtail butterflies as it's the only place to see them near here.

I have admired your oilbar work on facebook, it looks very effective. Looking forward to seeing it stitched.

Gina said...

Looking forward to seeing this piece in the flesh - it looks good. I've never been to Wicken Fen.

Jill said...

Hello, love your Markel work, found you via Gina - she gets around.