Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pam's Quilt

Pam is making this quilt from a layer cake. When I first saw the colours I wasn't very impressed - an opinion that soon changed.
I watched as Pam cut all the rectangles which didn't take very long-36 squares altogether.

Then she started to arrange the bits and pieces and you get some idea of whats to come. Pam let me help arrange the rectangles (a very important job). We had views as to which colours should and shouldn't be put next to each other.
There was one thing we did agree on though, and that was the stripes (none in this picture!). We really didn't think they matched at all and shouldn't be used. But Pam had no choice the pattern said she needed 36 squares and the only way to achieve that was to use the striped squares.

Here is Pam sewing the squares together. She has now got them all sewn together and today she pressed them all. Then the fun started, she laid them all out on the table and arranged them as they are to be sewn together. I was allowed to help with that too! We both had to admit that the stripes do actually work and bring a certain something to the overall look.

Tomorrow I will show you the squares laid out ready to sew.

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Gina said...

Intriguing! Beautiful results but all that accurate measuring makes me want to lie down in a dark room!