Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's Here

It's here, it's here, it's here!!!!!! The white stuff has finally arrived, we had five inches of snow this morning. I had thought we were going to miss it all together. The dog was very excited and has been out to play. I went for a walk with my dad this morning. It's very hard work walking in deep snow. We were out for two hours my legs ached so much when we got back I had to have a rest. I did get some nice photos while we were out and about.
Just after I took this photo of the bridge we saw a group of people pushing a van over it. It's a Roman single track bridge and isn't particularly easy to get over at the best of times. It makes a nice photo though.
This is the River Welland. Don't the swans look happy. You can just see the snow settling on the river.

This is Priory Church in Deeping St James.

Now for some crafty stuff. This is Hair Pin Lace Crochet. It's easy to do but fiddly while you are trying to get to grips with the Hair Pin tool. It also grows very quickly. When you have more than one row of crochet you can crochet them together to make scarves, shawls and anything else that takes your fancy.

This is my very first attempt at Foundation Piecing Patchwork. Pam is teaching me, it is a little confusing though. You sew the fabric to the paper. Pam assures me that everything will be okay and when it is finished I will have a Needlecase. I will let you know.

It should look something like this when it's finished. This is one that Pam made earlier.

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Gina said...

I love the picture of the bridge!