Thursday, 11 June 2009

Surprise Parcel

I recieved a surprise in the post yesterday. Part of my course work has been to work with Lutrador but I just can't get on with the stuff. No matter how hard I try it never seems to go right. It's really staring to bug me especially when you can achieve beautiful results like this.

Gina clearly doesn't have any such problems. This notebook will serve as inspiration and isn't going to be used. It's so nice I can't stop picking it up and handling it, perhaps the magic will rub off. Thank you Gina.

These pictures are of Margaret's work. Margaret came to Gina's workshop last week and was so inspired by Gina and what she taught that she has carried on with it at home.

Margaret has been enjoying herself so much that she has added wool fibres, bits of lace and braid. She really is enjoying been experimental and is looking forward to Ginas next class.

I think Margaret has done very well and has every reason to be pleased with her achievements.


Julie said...

Gina's notebook is beautiful and the work the ladies did at Gina's workshop is excellent too. I'm looking forward to coming to Gina's next workshop at the end of the month. I've even been dreaming about it!

Sarah said...

It all look fabulous! I am glad to say that due to some nudging from Paul, I will be able to join you at the shop on Saturday. He says he can put the furniture together on his own (so I may have to rush back and rescue him from inside a collapsed wardrobe - but he insists!!) Bless 'im!

Gina said...

Glad you liked the notebook Angela and well done "Mother"... hasn't she done well!