Thursday, 2 July 2009

Catch Up

On the way home from Wales on Monday we took a detour and went to Easton Walled Gardens. These are some of the photos I took but they really don't do the garden justice and I can't tell you how beautiful it is, you need to go and see it for yourself - you won't be disappointed. The gardens are just off the A1 going north towards Grantham.

On Tuesday Gina came to the shop to teach free machine embroidery. The following photos are pictures of some of the work produced. Unfortunately I can't put names to pieces of work and not everyone's work is there but some lovely pieces were produced. All the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and I know Gina did.

Last night I did the Race For Life around Ferry Meadows. Also with me were Stephanie, Pam and her daughter Caroline. We had great fun and are very proud of ourselves because we did it in 1hr 1m 35secs and that was without any training. We are already looking forward to next year :-)


Gina said...

Well done to all of you on completing the Race for Life... think I owe you some money!

Julie said...

Well done on completing the Race For Life. I didn't notice you gathering sponsers on Tuesday, or was I asleep?

Easton does look beautiful. I hope the forecast rain doesn't wreck it. I would love to see the sweet peas and the wild flowers. They make you very welcome at Easton and the food's good too!