Friday, 24 July 2009

A Week Of Craftiness

Pam was back at work on Tuesday after her week in Scotland, check out her blog for a beautiful sunset photo. It was very quiet without Pam but she was missed and it's nice to have her back.
You know the saying while the cats away the mice will play, well this mouse couldn't wait to play. This is Barbara sitting in Pams chair and she loved every minute of it.

It has been a real week of craftiness here this week.

This is a chicken I have made using commercial ribbons. It's just one bit of homework I need to do for my course.

Next is some experimental work using wire, I have knitted three dresses they aren't finished yet but if teacher is looking then she will know I am doing some homework :-)

Here they are in close up.

This is a baby quilt made by Fiona a regular customer. She thought we would like to see it because she bought the fabric from us and she was right. It's lovely and bright just what every baby needs.

Then there was Steph and she has been very busy.
First some Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies that she made. They were very tasty.

Then of course there were more chickens. She has made these into doorstops.

She has also made a Holdall but has taken it away with her this weekend before I had a chance to take a photo.
I managed to finish my Courthouse Steps quilt including a wavy border. I have got to take a photo of it but I will show you.
Tomorrow Pam is teaching a quilt class. It will be her first time at teaching and I am confident that she will be an excellent teacher - she has put a lot of time into the preparation for the class and made lots of samples and comprehensive notes. If the shop isn't too busy I am hoping to take part in the class as well.
I can't believe it will soon be my 50th post and time for a giveaway. Doesn't time fly by.


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Teacher is watching... and very impressed!

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