Thursday, 16 July 2009

Why I Love The Postman

The Postman called yesterday with an ordinary-looking parcel for me. On closer inspection it became obvious that it was no ordinary parcel - the label said from The V and A. I immediately knew what was in it and I couldn't get it open quick enough but when I did I wasn't disappointed. Neil had ordered this book for me some time ago.

It's actually four small books each with a c d rom.

I have chosen two pages from each book to show you. The first is Indian Florals

This one is my favourite, I love William Morris.

This picture is from the Digital Pioneers book.

This one is from The Fifties. I love the white flowers they look so delicate against the blue background.

This picture shows a quilt made by Sam (Barbara's) daughter and it's her first attempt at patchwork. She has done a brilliant job. She made the quilt top from two charm packs and some extra fabric for the sashing.

This is mums latest quilt, the colours are wonderful.

And now my quilt, which is coming along slowly. I have started quilting it now (my first attempt) in wavy lines. I couldn't do straight ones could I, why did I choose to do it the hard way?

I have made a few mistakes and it's not perfect :-( but I do like the wavy lines. I keep telling myself it wouldn't have looked as good if I had done straight lines, and it makes good practice. You can see the lines better on the back.

I've added this picture just because I like the Sunflowers.

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