Thursday, 25 February 2010

City and Guilds

Yesterday we had a meeting for the course I am doing. I had a really good day and managed to get all five samples completed during the day. Shame it doesn't mean I haven't got any homework.
These two samples are free machined fringes. The one on the left I made using a cotton thread and the one on the right is made in cable stitch. I like both samples and can see myself using these methods some time in the future.

This one is made using one of the utility stitches on the machine. It was stitched onto water soluble fabric.

This one I'm not keen on. It was also stitched on water soluble fabric and is free machined.

This one is a piped finish. The cord is covered with a piece of fabric that I embroidered first. I'm reserving opinion on this one.
We all had a lovely time yesterday and there was a lot of frivolity and sillyness going on. I'm not quite sure how it happened but I got sent to the naughty step by teacher and when she realised there wasn't a step to send me to I got sent to the naughty chair. Then Gill (another student) said I should go and stand in the corner. I thought I had been a good girl - I did all my work, it is possible that I might have been a little cheeky but only in good humour.


Gina said...

Your poor blogging readers don't know the half of it... the cheek I have to put up with!
I'm having a quick break from doing my homework... waiting for the kettle to boil!
Lovely samples by the way... finished that hanging yet...???

Jan said...

Oh gosh this all sounds like so much fun ,and learning new skills at the same time ,wonderful Jan xx

Julie said...

Cheeky? You? Surely not! Mind you, that teacher...... lol Your samples look very good.

Sarah said...

I am surprised people thought you were cheeky ;)

I thought that you might like to know that I have given you a sunshine award for your fab blog.

Read about it here...