Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Plans That Don't work

Well I hope you all had a good weekend - mine didn't go according to plan, more fool me for thinking it would.

I had set Saturday evening aside to make Steph's wrap but before I started I thought I would give her a call just to see how she was and I'm so glad I did. The little madam doesn't want one now. Aaaargh !

I did manage to start experimenting with poppies, and that didn't go according to plan either.

This is the poppy stitched straight onto the embellishing. It didn't work, because they are made from paper the stitching is splitting it. I'm sure that if I backed with some iron on interfacing it would work better but you would see it. I did think about painting the interfacing but the colour would need to be exact, and how long would it take to find the right colour? I am running short of patience at the moment so it is onto plan B. It does look pretty though.

Remember this little book? I didn't like the binding so I have re-bound it and added some felt balls.

I have started to fill the pages with my chosen shape. Hopefully soon this will be a finished piece of homework.

I thought you might like to see these they came into the shop today. I think they are fantastic.

Not sure if I will get the chance to post again this week. Steph is coming home tomorrow so I could end up in the looney bin ! I'm sure once Saturday is here she will have calmed down.
Hope you all have a good weekend.


Sarah said...

Good luck with the poppies - I am sure you will work them out. The book is looking good and I love the button heart! Talking of buttons... I hope you get them all priced up by Saturday so I can come in and fill my pockets with them!!!!

Jan said...

The best laid plans and aww that !still at least it eases your work load with Stephanie deciding against a wrap ,the buttons are so cute ..love Jan xx

Gina said...

She doesn't want a wrap?!?! I can just imagine your reaction but thank goodness you hadn't started it. Don't worry about the poppies, we can talk it through tomorrow... and are those buttons for sale by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Yes Gina, Sarah (and any other button fanatics) the buttons are available from the shop!


vintagerockchick said...

Oooh I love your book - I saw you working in it today but didn't realise it was one you'd made - it's beautiful. I think I may have to get some of those buttons for my sister. Maybe you could sneak some into class next time?