Thursday, 1 July 2010

Two Years Are Up

Yesterday was the end of a two year journey. The City and Guilds course I have been doing came to an end. Well it did for all the other ladies but not for me I still have three projects to finish and an issue with drawing to resolve. To see some absolutely fantastic work pop over to her Fan My Flame and take a look.

This is my second project, which has to be in three dimensions. I was going to make a vase but it has evolved into a vessel/sculpture. But not an Octopus or Squid as it looks here - it's a work in progress. I thought this would be soo easy to make, how wrong can you be. It seems that I can't do anything simply. This has been part of my reason for not finishing. I get an idea and won't compromise over how things should be done, I just make it harder for myself.

I am enjoying this project, it feels as if anything goes and you can have lots of fun and it's given me the chance to use some of my treasures.
I need to tell you about a new blog on the block. Baldies On Tour the
blog is written by Gina's son Joe. He and a group of friends have gone traveling and this is their on-line record of all the fun they are having, so go and have a look.


Gina said...

You will finish and with flying colours like everyone else. We'll beat this problem with drawing too!
I'm not sure if Joe wil thank me for passing on his details to the world of blogging ladies!!!

pam said...

You will get finished and be pleased with all your results - what have you done to Barbara's wig how can she wear that now!!

Julie said...

I'm sure you'll get finished Angela and don't worry about drawing. You'll get there :o)
Sounds like the lads are having an exciting time.

Jan said...

Just when you think ,'I'll never get this done ' suddenly things all seem to fall into place ,,we all have faith in you Jan xx