Monday, 26 July 2010

And The Winner Is

As promised the draw took place on Saturday and Pam's name was picked.

I did try to post on Saturday. I put some lovely pictures on, clicked on the done button and they all disappeared. I had taken me ages to load them onto blogger and I'd had a feeling something was going to go wrong and sure enough it did.

This is a post without any pictures as I'm hoping they are still on my computer somewhere. I had some pictures of the family day we went to at RAF Wittering last week. The Red Arrows were there doing their display and it was the best one I'd seen for a long time. They flew lower than normal and came in over the crowd. The Harrier was there as well of course. We didn't get to see the other displays as we had been told about the day at short notice and needed to get back to work but I am looking forward to next year. We also met some of Nick's work colleagues which was nice. He seems happy to be back at Wittering and I know Steph is looking forward to moving back.

I will have a look for the pictures and post again in the week.


Gina said...

Well done Pam! Hope you find your photos!

Julie said...

Congratulations to Pam :)

Isn't it infuriating when Blogger does that?!

pam said...

Thank you for the super giveaway - Rob and I enjoued the blackcurrant chocolate it was soo different. x

Barbara said...

Well done Pam hope you enjoy your goodies.(though i still think Len read the name wrong!!!)