Friday, 30 July 2010

Missing Pictures Found

I have found the photos that I tried to load onto blogger last week, I'm just hoping they don't disappear again before I get to the end of this post. Maybe it would be a good idea to save as I go along, I'll do it now! Fingers crossed.

But first some pictures of my Rail Fence quilt. I didn't really need to make another quilt but hey why should that stop anybody. I love the fabric and just had to use it and I've wanted to do rail fence for a while now so I did.

It's Tilda fabric and so pretty.

And now the pictures of the Red Arrows at RAF Wittering last week. I used my phone to take the pics but I'm hoping you will be able to click on them to get a larger picture.

Hopefully next year I will be better prepared. If that's possible for me.


Jan said...

Beautiful quilt ,I used to live in Thornhaugh ,then Wansford ,before coming to Peterborough ,so had lots to do with Wittering Jan xx

Gina said...

I got all excited when I saw you had posted and thoughtI was going to see pictures of your sketchbook project ; )
The quilt is very pretty though, especially the floral fabric.

Julie said...

Enjoyed the photos :) Your quilt is very pretty. I have a jelly roll in batiks that this pattern would work well with. Can I ask what size the squares are when you've pieced the three strips? I've never made this style of quilt but it looks very doable, especially on my new (to me) Janome 6600P! :o))