Friday, 1 October 2010

2nd Post

I won't make a habit of this but I just had to show you my first ever A T C. It's soo cute. I'm really pleased with it. This one is going to a special person so I've got more to make because teacher needs to see at least one.

I forgot to say earlier but I'm off on holiday tomorrow. Neil and I are taking a week off work and we are going to the Norfolk Broads. We are staying on a houseboat.


I ate Angela's cooking and survived (Neil) said...

It was me! The card is beautiful and had a very sweet inscription to me on the reverse.

Thank you sweetheart!

Jan said...

Clever girl Angela that is lovely ,I clicked on the picture to see it better. Have a lovely week hope it keeps dry for you Jan xx

Sarah said...

That is lovely! Enjoy your holiday - just remember those boat ceilings are quite low so wear a hat :)

pam said...

Oh I missed your post - so did not comment earlier - we are missing you - and Neil of course!!!!