Friday, 1 October 2010

Nearly There

Thanks to Barbara and Pam my quilt is now layered and basted just waiting to be quilted. I'm looking forward to doing the quilting. I have decided to do diagonal lines because it means that the little square in the middle of the blocks will become four little triangles and I think they will look very cute.

It doesn't show up very but using the rust dyed and painted fabrics I made another fabric ready to make the Artists Trading Cards.

The brown paper is from the bag the stamps came in, I have also used an old road atlas. The two small plain beige squares you can see are tea bags. I used some of my grandmothers cotton lace so they will be very special A T C s. There is even a label from a Layer Cake kindly donated by Pam.

Today I'm hoping to make at least one A T C.


pam said...

Your quilt is lovely - and I am very impressed with your stitching and the diferent mediums you have used. Even though I could have helped you get the initial marks out of that fabric!!!!!

Julie said...

Hope you're having a lovely holiday. Don't fall in! ;)