Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I Don't Like Gremlins

Congratulations to Sam H, she was the winner of the giveaway and this is what she won. Unfortunately it's a dreadful picture but the only one i've got.

This is the little quilt that I was piecing together last week. I'm very pleased with it, particularly the quilting. It's also very pretty and the photo doesn't do it justice.

Don't know if it's me or blogger but I've had real problems trying to do this post this morning - I hope it's not a sign of how the day is going to go. The stupid programme ate my pictures and kept randomly putting in links. I nearly gave up and wasn't going to post at all.

I'm going to start quilting the pheasant quilt today so my fingers are crossed for no more gremlins.


Gina said...

The quilt looks very pretty. Well done Sam!

pam said...

Congratulations to Sam - no wonder Barbara was looking so cross!!!! Your quilting on the quilt is beautiful you have done a brilliant job - I am certain the pheasants will be much appreciated when you give them away!!!!!

Samh said...

Thank you for the fab giveaway prize : ) I think mum is just starting to forgive me. Sam xxx

Barbara said...

Well done Sam what a lovely giveaway. (Just because the 'cross look' has gone doesn't mean I have forgiven you). :)xx