Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Rant

Life is busy and I've been wondering if there is something I should be giving up just to take the pressure off a little but I couldn't decide on anything I would like to give up. Today however I am seeing things in a different light and I've realised there is one thing that right now I would give up very easily and it's blogging. I had a hard time yesterday trying to post and in the end I was in such a rush to post before blogger went berserk again and ate my photos or did something else weird I forgot to thank you all for your kind wishes about the shop so THANK YOU.

Today I had just one picture to load onto blogger and guess what it's turned the picture round. I didn't ask it to, I didn't tell it to, but it has.

These are baby quilts that I will be finishing today. They are for the special care baby unit at the Rosie in Cambridge. Apparently they need 50 a month so we have been encouraging people to use their left over fabrics to make some.

While the going is good I'm going to catch up on some other blogs.


Barbara said...

Your baby quilts are lovely I am sure the Rosie will be delighted with them.

Margaret said...

Hi angela,the blog looks good.I have just set up my own email address with josies help.Narrowboatandpatchwork@gmail.comhope it works. See you soon mum xx