Thursday, 5 May 2011

At Last

It has been a while since I last blogged, I did try last week but had so many problems just trying to load the pictures that I gave up. Anyway with Pam's help I've had better luck today. A lot has happened in the last few weeks mainly Easter and a Royal Wedding, didn't she look lovely?

I have been busy making and doing - I've got so much to do. This is some hand stitching that took a while, I'm going to free machine into it next. The plan is for it to be another piece of poppy related work.

This is my red square, as Gina pointed out I don't need to paint the fabric just use red fabric! I think I was having an off day when I painted the fabric, I was so tired and obviously not thinking straight. This wasn't the first square I made; that went in the bin because it was rubbish. I like this one though so I took it with me yesterday to the meeting of Spectrum. All the other ladies took theirs and they looked lovely all together and all different. This month Gina wants us to make an orange square...... she's so demanding :-)

Yesterday we worked on our sketchbooks. Gina showed us a technique of getting colour and shape into our books without the need to dtraw, so it was great for me. It was a nice day and I enjoyed the technique I'm hoping to do some more this evening.

As you can see I put more poppies in my book. I think I need to choose something else to work on and I could be developing a hankering for dasies.

I've got to go and work now it's getting busy.


Gina said...

Glad you enjoyed the day Angela... and yes, I have your red square!

Barbara said...

This has been hard work trying to make a comment on your blog but cant wait to see the end result of your hard work xx

pam said...

Well done you have been working so hard what with all the time you have to put into the shop. I am glad you enjoyed your day away from the shop.