Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A New Skill

 I've always wanted to know how make crochet flowers and now thanks to YouTube I can. The red flower was made following the instructions to the letter, the green one is my adaptation. It's got an extra petal and I think it's much nicer.

I bet if I looked I could find a video for sock making. I tried to make some a while ago and I managed one sock but when it came to the other half of the pair and I got to the bit where you turn the heel I couldn't remember how I'd done it so they went in the bin. So I'm very tempted to look and have a go.

I've done a few more pages in my sketchbook . This one is my favourite at the moment.

I'm not sure that there will be much creativity this week due to a lack of time. We are very busy in the shop this week and Anthony is moving out. Baby is due in 5 weeks or thereabouts so they want to get all comfy and settled before their peace and quiet is shattered. They have got their house looking lovely and Anthony has done a fantstic job of the renovation, he has fitted a lovely kitchen and bathroom. I wish I had their bathroom - it's huge. Anyway I must go and do some work now.

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pam said...

I am very impressed with the flowers and the sketchbook - you are very good.