Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sketchbook Work

I've done some more sketchbook work and I've been enjoying it.

Following Gina's example for using a stencil  I combined two and used a metallic oil pastel in purple. It's very difficult to see that it's metallic from the picture but it looks very striking over the white card.

Much more subtle against the red page.

Here I used a white oil pastel and mixed purple and red Kohi-I-Noor colours together to fill in the poppies and then I cut away some of the page to reveal part of the underlying page.

I worked some more on the combined stencils page adding some texture. The top of the seed head is covered in the tiniest dark purple beads and I added a few words using my stamps.

This is the page that lies underneath the cut away page.

I took this picture so that you could see the beads on the surface.

This is my favourite page. I used water soluble crayons in various shades of red, orange, yellow and a dark purple mixing them all together. It made such a nice smooth surface to work on that I was reluctant to use it but I did. I'll show you the results in my next post I'm waiting for it to finish drying.

The tumbling block quilt is finished and has recieved lots of nice comments.

I've made a start on putting the pink and green star blocks together for Anthony and Nicki's quilt. I'm hoping to get the top put together today.

The purple and green log cabin hanging is coming along nicely and I've ordered the perspex rod for displaying it.

I must go and get on with the stars now.


Gina said...

Your confidence is really growing with your sketchbook. I love that first image with the stencils laid across the page!

Jan said...

what a lovely quilt!

I'm also enjoying Gina's sketchbook tutorial, and everyone who is participating is another source of inspiration.

The background colors you're using are really striking. I need to keep reminding myself not to be afraid of color. Thank you for sharing.